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An-overview of the TBLI CONFERENCE video library - Europe 2011

Robert Rubinstein,

Chief Executive Officer - TBLI Conference B.V./TBLI Consulting B.V. - Netherlands - Opening Speaker at all the TBLI Conferences.

Thomas Rau,

Chief Executive Officer - RAU Associates - Netherlands - Opening Speaker Europe 2011
Guided by the Future.

Founder and director Thomas Rau regularly speaks about sustainability and the value economy at events around the world and actively participates in initiatives that lead us to a viable way of living. In 2008, he founded the
Oneplanetarchitecture Institute, an organisation stimulating interdisciplinary co-operationon sustainable developments. Thomas Rau’s most recent initiative is Turntoo, a platform reversing the traditional concept of product ownership and promoting consumption services on basis of performance agreements.

Herta von Stiegel,

Founder and Chief Executive Officer - Ariya Capital LLP - United Kingdom - The Next Investment Destination for Growth isn't China or India – it’s AFRICA!.

Africa is rising and is becoming the next centre for growth. 11 African countries are growing faster than most in Asia and are poised for 10% or higher annual economic growth rate. Will Asia need to worry about its decline or will Asian investors benefit from African growth?

Doris M. Schönemann

Vice-Chairperson - Swiss Federal Social Security Fund AVS/AI/APG - Switzerland - Today's Social Pension Funds Must Change Radically and Soon - The Need to Implement New Demographics, Good Governance and Transparency.

In Switzerland, as in many European countries, like in Japan and other Asian countries, the next two decades require major changes in pension fund investment policies in order to cope with a bleak and "unsustainable" outlook.
Nobody is agains "sustainability". However, "doing good" should be also be "done well". Here lies the real challenge. The ESG or sustainability issue is more than a fad for the Swiss Board of Directors

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