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TBLI-CONFERENCE video library
EUROPE 2012 in Zurich.

Paul Rose

(Keynote speaker) Vice President - Royal Geographical Society. Explorer, Broadcaster
United Kingdom. Paul is a polar expert, environmental, exploration and field science consultant. With a proven track record in business engagements Paul is a sought-after speaker, chairman and moderator for industry and NGO events. Paul interviews Pavan Sukhdev on his vision for tomorrow’s corporation.

Pavan Sukhdev

(Keynote speaker) Founder and CEO - GIST Advisory UK Pvt Ltd - United Kingdom
Corporation 2020 - Transforming Business for Tomorrow's World.

Pavan is interviewed by Paul Rose, Paul listens to Pavan on how he lays out a sweeping new vision for tomorrow’s corporation, one that will increase human wellbeing and social equity, decrease environmental risks and ecological losses, and still generate profit.

Martin Rapaport

(Keynote speaker) Chairman - Rapaport Group - United States of America.

Martin Rapaport is Chairman of the Rapaport Group, a leading diamond and jewelry organization with over 12,000 clients in 82 countries. Martin Rapaport is a leading advocate for fair trade jewelry and an ethical diamond industry Development Diamonds – Challenges and Opportunities - Over one million people dig for diamonds. Most go to bed hungry. There must be a reason GOD scattered diamonds among the poorest people on earth and made the richest people desire them.

Steve Howard

(Keynote speaker) Chief Sustainability Officer - IKEA Group The Netherlands - IKEA – Making Positive Changes for People and the Planet .

Economizing with resources and acting in the best interests of people is part of IKEA’s heritage..
Hear how the Swedish home furnishings company is embarking on even more significant changes to its business, from important investments in renewable energy, to securing long-term supplies of raw materials and bringing affordable sustainability into millions of homes around the world.

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