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TBLI Conference and the Government of the city of Buenos Aires host first TBLI CONFERENCE™ LATIN AMERICA 2015

Tuesday, 14 Apr 2015

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Buenos Aires City Government, led by Mayor and presidential candidate Mauricio Macri, is hosting the conference which will highlight growth and business opportunities in Latin America in Buenos Aires from May 28-29, 2015

TBLI Conference and the Government of the city of Buenos Aires host the first TBLI CONFERENCE™ LATIN AMERICA 2015, focused on the region’s sustainable investing industry in Buenos Aires on May 28-29, 2015.

The government of the city of Buenos Aires and TBLI Conference invite investors, investment managers and thought leaders in sustainable finance for networking with over 250 professionals, peer-to-peer learning and discovering the latest business opportunities across Latin America.

“For 18 years we have been creating the market for Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and Impact Investing. Our mission is to mobilise capital for sustainable investment”, says Robert Rubinstein, Founder & CEO of TBLI Group. “Over that period we have convinced asset owners and managers they can achieve market rate return and a social and environmental added value. We are thrilled to have the City of Buenos Aires take a leadership role in building the market for ESG and Impact Investing in Latin America”

After eight years of work to deliver management improvement at the City level, current Chief of Staff, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, has supported this initiative as the complementary piece to advancing future innovation and improvement of the City’s infrastructure and economy.

“We are really enthusiastic about hosting TBLI CONFERENCE™ LATIN AMERICA
2015 and making possible such a great step in the region. The integration of nonfinancial factors to risk analysis and to investment decision-making is highly needed work that has progressed in other regions, but has just started to take shape in Latin America,” says Franco Moccia, Undersecretary of Planning and Management Control at the Government of the city of Buenos Aires.

The program will focus on critical topics for investors and financial professionals on green real estate, urban development, renewable energy and energy infrastructure, sustainable agriculture, SME Finance and the role of environmental, social and governance factors.

“We believe the outcomes of such effort will deliver on new views and relationships to continue action in developing the regions and our cities in a more sustainable way,” says Marcelo Busellini, General Director of Strategic Planning at the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

The global TBLI CONFERENCE™ Series is the longest running event on ESG and Impact Investing and has earned a sterling international reputation. According to Ibrahim AlHusseini, Managing Member of The Husseini Group, the “TBLI Conference stands out from other conferences in the standard of value I received during my attendance. The topics covered, quality of contacts made, deals executed and community generated are noticeably better than other conferences I’ve attended”. TBLI CONFERENCE continues to convene thought leaders and the active business communities in sustainable investing across Europe, Asia, The US and now Latin America.

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Pension Funds speaking about ESG Integration in Roundtable Discussion

Monday, 09 Mar 2015

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"ESG Integration: Challenges for Asset Owners"; Roundtable added to TBLI CONFERENCE™ NORDIC 2015 program

Chief Executive Officers of ERAFP, PensionDanmark and AP Fonden 7 will be discussing ESG Integration and challenges for asset owners in a Roundtable Discussion chaired by Ulrika Hasselgren (CEO Ethix SRI Advisors).

We are looking forward to welcoming Torben Möger Pedersen, Philippe Desfossés and Richard Grottheim to the event. 

Find more details about our continuously updated program here.

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