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First speakers confirmed: Irene Pritzker, Debra Schwartz and Benjamin Bingham

Tuesday, 25 Nov 2014

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Our first speakers are confirmed for our TBLI CONFERENCE @BOOTH/KELLOGG 2015, coming up on January 23rd. We'd like to introduce them to you and give a bit more information about their background and what they will be speaking about:

Irene D. Pritzker (President, IDP Foundation, Inc., USA)

Irene Pritzker became a founding member and President of the IDP Foundation, Inc. in 2008. It is her belief that education is the way to conquer the world’s greatest challenges, and that everyone should have equal access to education to provide hope, opportunity and economic impact on their homeland. The IDP Foundation is dedicated to developing programs in education that are sustainable and move away from aid dependent models. She believes a combination of smart philanthropy and investment solutions can be galvanized to make that future a reality.

Debra Schwartz (Director, Program-Related Investments, MacArthur Foundation, USA)

Debra oversees a $300-million portfolio of innovative loans, equity investments and guarantees designed to advance the Foundation's philanthropic work in the US and abroad. Before joining MacArthur in 1995, she was chief financial officer for a Chicago-based child welfare agency and an investment banker at John Nuveen & Co. specializing in municipal and health care finance.

MacArthur is one of the nation's largest independent foundations. Through the support it provides, the Foundation fosters the development of knowledge, nurtures individual creativity, strengthens institutions, helps improve public policy, and provides information to the public, primarily through support for public interest media.

Both Irene and Debra will take part in the "Plenary Roundtable - Long Finance: The role of patient capital for impact investing".

Benjamin Bingham (CEO and Founder, 3Sisters Sustainable Management, LLC, USA)

Ben Bingham is a Certified Financial Planner™ who draws on broad experience from hands-on management experience at two technology start-ups, one in biological healthcare, and the other a global workflow solution provider. After twelve years at Legg Mason and Citigroup/Smith Barney he founded 3Sisters Sustainable Management LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) along with its research arm: www.wikipositive.org and its proprietary fund family: Scarab Funds. 3Sisters is dedicated to addressing the serious environmental and social issues of our time through sustainable investing in capital markets.

The topic of his presentation is "Scaling through Collaboration". "All the solutions to the worlds problems are already known. The reason they are not implemented is simple: selfish interests intervene, and even among altruists proprietary formulas create competitive views and limit our desire to collaborate and our potential to make a difference", he explains. "My purpose is to set forth collaborative strategies for triple bottom line out-performance across asset classes."

Ben will be presenting during Workshop 2, "Structuring Impact Investing across all Asset Classes" that starts at 1PM.

Speakers slots are still available. Please have a look at our program and submit your application if you are interested in participating as a speaker.

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Video: Investors' Response to Water-related Risks - TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2014

Monday, 24 Nov 2014

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Cate Lamb (Head of Water, CDP), Michael Dickstein (Heinken International), Cyrus Lotfipour (MSCI), Piet Klop (PGGM) and Kajetan Hetzer (WASTE) discuss with Daniela Herrmann (Topan AG) about the response of investors to water-related risks and how investors can promote corporate water stewardship.

Join us and continue these and other important discussions at our upcoming TBLI CONFERENCE @BOOTH/KELLOGG 2015 in Chicago on January 23rd!

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Video: Keynote by Ernesto Sirolli - Owner Sirolli Institute (USA) at TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2014

Thursday, 20 Nov 2014

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Ernesto Sirolli, owner and founder of the Sirolli Institute (USA), is speaking at TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2014 in Amsterdam.

Ernesto Sirolli is one of the world' s leading consultants on the topic of economic development. He started working in the field of International Aid in Africa in 1971 and has since worked in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa, Latin America, USA and Asia in projects that promote local entrepreneurship and local self determination.

Join us and continue these and other important discussions at our upcoming TBLI CONFERENCE @BOOTH/KELLOGG 2015 in Chicago on January 23rd!

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