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Fuel Free Energy can supply 100% of world's needs. Interview with our Opening Keynote, Jochen Wermuth

Monday, 05 Oct 2015

Tags: eur2015 climate change fossil fuel impact investing sustainable investing

jochen wermuth interview aljazeeraAccording to Green Peace, the world can rely on renewable energy for 100% of energy needs by 2050. But, what would the costs be? And what would be the impact on geopolitics? Jochen shares his views in this interview he had on Al Jazeera's "Inside Story".

Jochen Wermuth is Founding Partner of Wermuth Asset Management GmbH, a 100% impact family office, and of the Green Gateway Fund, supporting EU resource efficient growth companies. He headed the EU and World Bank financed Economic Expert Group under the Russian Ministry of Finance, was a founding management committee member of OOO Deutsche Bank, started supporting Greenpeace and set up his own firm in the 1990s. 

The Green Gateway Fund 2 invests in EU resource efficient growth companies and helps them to grow in emerging markets where energy consumption per GDP is 4x higher than in the EU, which is both profitable and helps to abate climate change.

Needles to say, we're very proud to have him as our Opening Keynote at our upcoming TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2015 in Zürich, this November.


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Deadline approaching Hotel discount for TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2015

Monday, 14 Sep 2015

Tags: eur2015 tbli announcement

We have a block reservation for our TBLI CONFERENCE™ EUROPE 2015 attendees at the Hotel City Zürich from 18 through 20 November.

In order to take advantage of the special discount, we urge everyone to reserve a room before 18 September 2015. After this date, the special discount is no longer guarenteed!

For full details about this offer and how to reserve your room, go here.

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