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More speakers confirmed: Tasha Seitz, Ari Frankel and Cynthia Muller

Thursday, 11 Dec 2014

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We're happy to announce 3 more speakers who are confirmed for TBLI CONFERENCE @BOOTH/KELLOGG 2015, coming up on January 23rd. We proudly present:

Tasha Seitz (Chief Investment Officer, Impact Engine, USA )

9:50AM: Plenary Roundtable - Long Finance: The role of patient capital for impact investing

3PM: Workshop 6 - Facilitating Social Entrepreneurship

Tasha Seitz has been a technology venture capital investor with JK&B Capital since 1997, focusing on enterprise software, Internet infrastructure and mobile infrastructure investments. She serves on the board of and is the Chief Investment Officer for Impact Engine, where she coaches impact entrepreneurs in fundraising as well as identifying the ever-evolving landscape of impact investors.

Having been part of several technology cycles as a venture capital investor, Tasha has seen the power of the entrepreneurs to create markets and touch people’s everyday lives, and she is a passionate believer in the power of entrepreneurship to make the world a better place.

Impact Engine is a 16-week accelerator program that supports for-profit businesses addressing today’s societal and environmental challenges. We empower entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors to make a collective impact on society by applying smart business principles to the world’s greatest problems.

Ari Frankel (Head of ESG Strategy, Real Estate, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, USA)

1PM: Workshop 1 - Trends in ESG Integration

Ari Frankel is Head of ESG Strategy, Real Estate, at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, based in New York City. He works closely with senior managers around the globe to shape and coordinate comprehensive sustainability and green building programming and related environmental and energy strategies, and participates in sustainability initiatives across Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management and Deutsche Bank Group.

Watch this interview Ari had with REIT.com, earlier this year, where he was asked why gathering sustainability data has become a key project for the real estate investment industry.

Cynthia Muller (Senior Manager, Impact Investing, Arabella Advisors, USA)

1PM: Workshop 3 - Low Carbon Investment Strategies

Cynthia Muller leads Arabella Advisor’s impact investing practice. She helps our individual and institutional clients understand the field of impact investing, develop strategies, and structure investments to accomplish their social and environmental goals. Her extensive background in social enterprise and mission investing includes connecting public policy, programs, and capital for emerging social innovations to increase economic opportunities for under-served and marginalized communities.

Read her interesting blog post here about "How wealth advisors can facilitate impact investments".

Speakers slots are still available. Please have a look at our program and submit your application if you are interested in participating as a speaker.

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First speakers confirmed: Irene Pritzker, Debra Schwartz and Kavilash Chawla

Tuesday, 25 Nov 2014

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Our first speakers are confirmed for our TBLI CONFERENCE @BOOTH/KELLOGG 2015, coming up on January 23rd. We'd like to introduce them to you and give a bit more information about their background and what they will be speaking about:

Irene D. Pritzker (President, IDP Foundation, Inc., USA)

Irene Pritzker became a founding member and President of the IDP Foundation, Inc. in 2008. It is her belief that education is the way to conquer the world’s greatest challenges, and that everyone should have equal access to education to provide hope, opportunity and economic impact on their homeland. The IDP Foundation is dedicated to developing programs in education that are sustainable and move away from aid dependent models. She believes a combination of smart philanthropy and investment solutions can be galvanized to make that future a reality.

She believes a combination of smart philanthropy and investment solutions can be galvanized to make that future a reality. Exemplifying this goal is the IDP Rising Schools Program, a carefully crafted microfinance initiative targeting existing but very poor private schools in Ghana. After a successful pilot with 105 schools with an initial enrollment of 27,000 children, the program is scaling up to reach a total of 580 schools by July 2016 and impacting 150,000 children.

Debra Schwartz (Director, Program-Related Investments, MacArthur Foundation, USA)

Debra oversees a $300-million portfolio of innovative loans, equity investments and guarantees designed to advance the Foundation's philanthropic work in the US and abroad. Before joining MacArthur in 1995, she was chief financial officer for a Chicago-based child welfare agency and an investment banker at John Nuveen & Co. specializing in municipal and health care finance.

MacArthur is one of the nation's largest independent foundations. Through the support it provides, the Foundation fosters the development of knowledge, nurtures individual creativity, strengthens institutions, helps improve public policy, and provides information to the public, primarily through support for public interest media.

Both Irene and Debra will take part in the "Plenary Roundtable - Long Finance: The role of patient capital for impact investing".

Kavilash Chawla (Executive Founder & CEO - Nur Global Strategies - USA)

Kavilash is an international finance and strategy expert focused on the productive deployment of mission and values driven capital in growth markets. He is currently Managing Director of Nur Global Strategies a boutique strategy advisory firm and a Visiting Scholar in the International Business program at Drake University, where he does joint research and teaches on impact driven businesses and Islamic finance. Kavilash is an active entrepreneur and investor in ethical and triple bottom line focused companies.

Kavilash will be speaking about Impact Investing and Islamic Finance in emerging markets and the opportunities he sees for convergence. "Both Impact Investing and Sharia based investments", he suggests, "are values driven and focused on delivering financial return alongside social impact. The development of both industries offers opportunity for convergence and broadening the scope of Impact Investing into the Islamic space, while offering Sharia driven investors opportunities to tap additional dual bottom line products." He will examine challenges and points for convergence.

Kavilash will be presenting during Workshop 8, "Challenges for Impact Investors in Emerging Markets" that starts at 3PM.

Speakers slots are still available. Please have a look at our program and submit your application if you are interested in participating as a speaker.

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Video: Investors' Response to Water-related Risks - TBLI CONFERENCE EUROPE 2014

Monday, 24 Nov 2014

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Cate Lamb (Head of Water, CDP), Michael Dickstein (Heinken International), Cyrus Lotfipour (MSCI), Piet Klop (PGGM) and Kajetan Hetzer (WASTE) discuss with Daniela Herrmann (Topan AG) about the response of investors to water-related risks and how investors can promote corporate water stewardship.

Join us and continue these and other important discussions at our upcoming TBLI CONFERENCE @BOOTH/KELLOGG 2015 in Chicago on January 23rd!

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