What People Say About TBLI CONFERENCE™

TBLI Conference stands out from other conferences in the standard of value I received during my attendance. The topics covered, quality of contacts made, deals executed and community generated are noticeably better than other conferences I’ve attended. Thank you Mr. Rubinstein for your vision & execution
Ibrahim AlHusseini (The Husseini Group LLC)



I have been attending your conferences for several years and always find them worthwhile. Your most recent event in Amsterdam was of an extremely high standard - the speakers were first class and there was a level of in-depth engagement with the issues that was thought-provoking and highly informative.  Congratulations
Rufo Quintavalle (Agro-Ecological Investment Management)
TBLI is a battery charger event. It’s an event that makes you realize how outdated your thinking has become. It is a crash course, a mini green investing MBA. It’s an energizing place - it’s got a critical role in diffusing the best practice
Leo Johnson (Co-Founder of Sustainable Finance Limited)
TBLI has established itself as the most significant gathering place for those interested in sustainable and related investment strategies. The rich array of firms and strategies represented at TBLI make it the best place to come to hear from cutting edge investors and learn from their experiences….
TBLI may rightly take credit for offering a unique platform that brings together this diverse field of work. By reaching across the silos it fosters a set of discussions that are critical to advancing not only the interests of those involved in sustainable finance, but in improving the understanding of mainstream investors with regard to the innovations taking place within the financial services arena
Jed Emerson (Senior Fellow, Generation Foundation, Generation Investment Management)
The TBLI is the internationally most renowned gathering for SRI we have today. As in all paradigm shifts, change begins with a growing number of champions and leaders who are clever enough to survive in the old paradigm while preparing for the new. To that end TBLI, the most influential conference on this arena, has played a role that cannot be overestimated
Karl Henrik Rober (PhD, MD Founder of Natural Step)
TBLI [is] – first and foremost – an investment conference. There are many other venues for advancing pure social and environmental activism. TBLI is different because your time is spent on investment fundamentals, new research on maximizing alpha, and meeting with investors who have similar levels of fiduciary responsibilities to manage and/or guide large investment portfolios….TBLI creates a safe-place for real financial professionals to ask questions and rethink long-held ideas of managing investments
Toni Symonds (Chief Consultant, Assembly Committee on Jobs Economic Development and the Economy California State Legislature)
TBLI is one of the most important organizations to provide a meeting ground for those thoughtful individuals in the financial, industrial, academic and NGO communities who seek to create greater awareness about the environmental and sustainablity issues
Prof. Prakash Sethi (University Distinguished Professor, Baruch College)
Congratulations on the fantastic conference, there was so much new content presented and new connections made! I know you barely have time to take a deep breath before the next conference, but hopefully you'll have some time to tap yourselves on the back! Thank you again
Eszter Vitorino (Global Reporting Initiative)
I would like to thank you again for this wonderful experience in Amsterdam. It was of so much value to be surrounded by these wonderful people. Thank you for that
Daniela Herrmann (Founder & President of Topan AG)
Thank you so much for your kind invitation and your warm welcome to TBLI - it was a great pleasure to be present and participate in this enthusiastic movement. Encouraging & Refreshing ! Congratulation for the conference's organization and the quality of the participants
Angela de Wolf (CEO of Conser)
Thank you so much for a really good conference, it was very informative and helpful, and it was great to hear how things are evolving and to be able to connect with such an interesting group
Nerissa Martin (Family Trust Advisor Tokien Trust)
Congratulations to you and your team for yet another great TBLI event in a good venue. I passed on this feedback to your staff before I dashed off to catch a plane home. You seem to have a great knack and skill in always finding some really interesting people that no other conference or body ever does and some interesting new funds for investors to consider
Howard Pierce (Former CEO of Environment Pension Fund)
Dear Robert, I trust you are busy following up and recovering from last week’s conference. I did attend the event, and must say I was quite impressed with the caliber of speakers and content of discussion. Great networking as well, I've got a couple of job leads. Thanks for putting on a substantive event (as compared to others I’ve attended)
Lisa Leenhouts-Martin (The GAVI Alliance)
Thank you so much and all your team for arranging such a great event. It was so useful and refreshing to be in the company of like-minded people
Edward Hoare (C. Hoare & Co.)
My experience at TBLI was terrific! I really commend you for 1) being a tireless advocate for triple bottom line investing, and 2) creating a rich and focused forum for the impact investment ecosystem actors to engage among themselves
Joan Trant (TriLinc Global)
We are quite aware of the wonderful work you have been doing which is very complementary to our own efforts. My sincere congratulations for the enormously important work you have been doing
George Kelly (Environmental Bank & Exchange)
Congratulations on the fantastic conference, there was so much new content presented and new connections made! I know you barely have time to take a deep breath before the next conference, but hopefully you'll have some time to tap yourselves on the back!
Eszter Vitorino Regional Network coordinator- Global Reporting Initiative