TBLI Better World Prize

People's Choice Award for Best ESG/Impact Measurement System

FuturePlus wins TBLI Better World Prize award 2023

Harnessing the power of data-driven insights, FuturePlus, a Sustainability Group company, empowers companies to enhance their ESG performance, and has been named the winner of the TBLI Better World Prize 2023.

About FuturePlus

Powered by data and guided by human expertise, FuturePlus is a sustainability management and reporting platform that empowers companies, investors, and asset managers of all sizes to understand, measure, evidence, improve, and report on their sustainability impact and goals.

FuturePlus adopts a future-focused view of what makes a sustainable business, assessing sustainability across five key themes: Climate, Environment, Social, Economic, and Diversity and Inclusion. They measure current impact and what companies and investors want to achieve in the future, and help them get there.

Joining Future Plus in the top three were Elevate, an LRQA Company, who secured second place, and As You Sow, who took third place.


About the TBLI Better World Prize

Introducing the TBLI Better World Prize: The People's Choice Award for Best ESG/Impact Measurement System.

ESG and impact have gained widespread attention, leading to an abundance of reporting standards and organizations. Amidst this confusion, TBLI aims to bring clarity and transparency.

The TBLI Better World Prize cuts through the noise to identify the most valid and useful measurement systems, as determined by industry professionals in the ESG/Impact field.

The Need: Our world is facing urgent social and environmental challenges like Climate Change, Water Stress, Food Security, and Poverty. At the same time, there is significant wealth available. What if we mobilized that wealth to address these challenges while achieving market-rate returns?

The Goal: To make informed investments that truly improve society and the environment, we require deeper insight. Existing ESG and Impact Measurement fall short, focusing more on risk than actual outcomes.

How TBLI Better World Prize Helps: This prize was established to enhance ESG and Impact analysis by highlighting the best and worst measurement systems and enabling true comparability. The ultimate aim is to accelerate investment in societal and environmental restoration.

By recognizing and promoting the most effective measurement systems, the TBLI Better World Prize drives progress in sustainable investing and contributes to a better future for all.

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