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We are about creating an inclusive values-based economy. The aim is to maximize investment flows into sustainability initiatives by highlighting the benefits of triple bottom line investing.

TBLI Foundation


TBLI FOUNDATION (Stichting TBLI) serves the global ESG and Impact Investment communities through Conferences, educational services, investor research and tools. Our mission is to increase understanding and awareness of the benefits of a value(s) based financial system, and thus help mobilize money flows into ESG and Impact Investing to ensure a brighter future.

TBLI FOUNDATION supports the ongoing TBLI Masterclass Series by making content more broadly available to investment professionals and the public via reports, white-papers and video interviews, partnerships with educational institutions and like-minded nonprofits. The foundation has built a digital model to facilitate access to content and interactions in the community.

“We consider our impact on other people and the planet as part of our bottom line.”

TBLI Foundation
TBLI Foundation

TBLI FOUNDATION has established academic partnerships with selected leading international business schools. The Schools host the conferences, and expand participation to include students and alumni. TBLI CONFERENCE’s academic partners include INSEAD, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, NYU Stern, BI Norwegian Business School, Copenhagen Business School, Hult International Business School, VU University Amsterdam.

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In January 2014, we launched the TBLI FOUNDATIONTM (Stichting TBLI), a non-profit under Dutch Law, to serve the global ESG and Impact Investment community more effectively and comprehensively. Our mission: to help mobilize money flows into ESG and Impact Investing, through conferences, educational services, and investor research and tools.

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Lets make a better, more sustainable world.

TBLI makes the financial system work for all stakeholders. TBLI is world's leading ESG/Impact Investing network/authority. We have been educating, advising and connecting investors for 25 years.