Interesting: ImpactAssets releases report on Impact Investing and Millennials

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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ImpactAssets has released a free, online Issue Brief that explores how the Millennial generation worldview influences financial strategies: The Millennial Perspective: Understanding Preferences of the New Asset Owners. Authored by ImpactAssets Strategic Initiatives Officer, Lindsay Norcott and Jed Emerson, impact investing expert and ImpactAssets Chief Impact Strategist, the report is the most recent in ImpactAssets’ series of Issue Briefs designed for investors and their wealth advisors.

The research says: 

Over the next several decades, it is estimated that $30 trillion1 in financial and non-financial assets will pass from Baby Boomers to their heirs in North America alone. This transfer is expected to peak between 2031 and 2045, during which 10% of total wealth in the US will be changing hands every 5 years.2

1 The “Greater” Wealth Transfer: Capitalizing on the Intergenerational Shift in Wealth, Accenture, June 2012, p. 1
2 ibid, p.1

"It will be important for financial advisors to identify common goals between themselves and NextGen clients. Young investors seek financial security, but they seek it through sustainable investments they hope will help solve some of the world’s toughest problems”

At TBLI CONFERENCE USA 2014 we have 4 sessions focussing on these topics:
Roundtable Part 1 - Trends in Impact Investing - Gaining Traction in Mainstream Finance?
Workshop 3 - Trends in Impact Investing
Workshop 10 - Trends in Philanthropy Investing
Workshop 15 - Structuring Impact Investments A view across asset classes

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