Interesting: CFA Institutes’ interview with independent advisor Rob Lake

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

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Last week CFA Institute published the interesting interview The Big Picture of Responsible Investment with Rob Lake, an independent advisor who helps asset owners invest responsibly.

The main focus of the interview is on ESG Integration in investments, the relevance of ESG considerations in different asset classes and the challenge of impact measurement.

Rob Lake: “Measurement is a huge challenge. ESG disclosure by companies still makes it difficult to track real-world environmental and social performance. Aggregating up from company level to a portfolio is even harder. But the pressure on investors to demonstrate their positive impacts is strong”.

We would like to keep fueling this discussion and have scheduled 4 sessions during TBLI CONFERENCE USA 2014. Among confirmed speakers are Gerrit Heyns (CEO - Osmosis Investment Management, UK), Diederik Timmer (Global Director of Institutional Relations - Sustainalytics, US), Peter Johnson (Partner, Head of Capital Markets - Developing World Markets, US), Flory Wilson (Director, B Analytics & GIIRS/B Lab, US) and Christina M. Alfonso (Founder and CEO - Madeira Global, US)

Workshop 1 - Trends in ESG Integration in Investments
Workshop 3 - Trends in Impact Investing
Workshop 6 - Approaches to Impact Measurement
Workshop 15 - Structuring Impact Investments A view across asset classes

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