Feeding Nine Billion

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

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7,233,093,545 people on the planet - but that was last week. By 2040, the challenge will be to provide nutrition for 9 billion. Cracking the nut on reliable and sustainable food production, the role impact investing plays, and current headaches and success stories will be the topic for Loic de Canniere, from Incofin, specializing in financial inclusion and agriculture finance in emerging markets, Lucian Peppelenbos from the Amsterdam based International Trade Initiative and Bruce Kahn from Sustainable Insight Capital Management during Workshop 7 - Feeding Nine Billion; Impact Investing for Sustainable Food Production and Agriculture at TBLI CONFERENCE USA 2014 (May 29/30).

On the same topic, but focusing on investment opportunities in organic farming in the US, Kevin Egolf presents his case study: "The model of Iroquois Valley Farms is a foundational piece of the puzzle, enabling the growth of autonomous, decentralized, multi-generational organic farm production."

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