Aspirations or actuality? What is really happening in the impact investing space

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

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Is Impact Investing going mainstream, what are current best practices in impact investing, and how can impact investments be structured successfully across all asset classes? These and other questions on the minds of Family Offices, Asset Owners and Wealth Managers will be addressed at TBLI CONFERENCE USA 2014 in 7 sessions specifically around impact investing:

Blending public and private finance for global access to health care, empowering women entrepreneurs through gender lens investment approaches, philanthropy investing as the new 'giving' - are just a few themes that will be discussed.

Christina Alfonso from Madeira Global will speak with Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas and TriLinc Global about the risks and realities of values based investing in mainstream finance. "We are certainly seeing impact investing and social enterprise increasing in visibility in the marketplace.” Alfonso says, “and retail investors and global banks are starting to take notice.”

The 7 sessions around Impact Investing are:

Roundtable Part 2 - Trends in Impact Investing - Gaining Traction in Mainstream Finance?
Workshop 3 - Trends in Impact Investing
Workshop 7 - Feeding Nine Billion; Impact Investing for Sustainable Food Production and Agriculture 
Workshop 8 - Sustainable Investing in the Global Health Sector
Workshop 10 - The Evolution of Philanthropic Investing
Workshop 15 - Structuring Impact Investments; A view across asset classes
Workshop 16 - Gender-Lens Investing; An emerging perspective in Impact Investing?

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