Putting the Freeze on Global Warming

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

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One of our confirmed speakers for TBLI CONFERENCE USA 2014 is Thomas Van Dyck of RBC Wealth Management. He is taking place in Workshop 4 - Investing in Fuel-free Energies, which is all  about fossil fuel divestment. This week a really interesting interview by Bill Moyers with Thomas was published titled "Putting the Freeze on Global Warming"

In this video, Bill Moyers talks with two leaders who helped inspire the new fossil fuel divestment movement. Ellen Dorsey is executive director of the Wallace Global Fund and a catalyst in the coalition of 17 foundations known as Divest-Invest Philanthropy. Thomas Van Dyck is Senior Vice President – Financial Advisor at RBC Wealth Management, and founder of As You Sow, a shareholder advocacy foundation.

They are urging foundations, faith groups, pension funds, municipalities and universities to sell their shares in polluting industries and reinvest in companies committed to climate change solutions.

“The climate crisis is so urgent that if you own fossil fuels, you own climate change,” Dorsey tells Moyers. Van Dyck adds that reinvestment is needed to create “a sustainable economy that’s based on the energy of the future, not on the energy of the past.”

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