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Monday, 26 September 2016

Interviews & Guest Blogs about Workshops

Further interviews and guest blogs capturing the discussions in the plenary and workshop sessions will be added over the next weeks.

Guest Blogs:







{slider Keynote Speakers}



{slider Workshop A1 | Shareholder Engagement: The next step in ESG integration?}

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{slider Workshop A2 | ESG Integration- What is working?}



{slider Seminar A | Green Bonds: Analyzing trends, opportunities and risks}



{slider Seminar A2 | Ultimate ESG Integration-Picking the winners of the future: how sustainable is your portfolio?}



{slider Workshop B1 | Entrepreneur Salon: Featuring sustainable investment opportunities}



{slider Workshop B2 | Impact Investing for Institutional Investors: Barriers & Innovative Approaches}

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{slider Seminar B | Financing for Development: Growing private investment in SDG-related sectors}

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{slider Workshop C1 | Transparency: Improving comparability of responsible investment products and harmonizing reporting tools}

  • George Sallfeldt CEO - Morningstar Sweden - Sweden 
  • Ola Lohman - ESG Expert-  CSR Sweden- Sweden 
  • Magnus Emfel - Senior Advisor -  WWF Sweden- Sweden 
  • Sandra Genee Senior Coordinator Corporate & Stakeholder Relations - Global Reporting Initiative- The Netherlands 

{slider Workshop C2 | Renewable Energy Systems: Opportunities for investors and lessons learned} 

{slider Workshop C3 | Private Equity. Can PE de-carbonize portfolios and create value?}

Coming Soon

{slider Workshop D1 | Financing Climate Change Mitigation: Potential and risks for private investors}

{slider Workshop D2 | Impact Investing in BoP markets}

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{slider Seminar D | ESG Research (Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets)}

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TBLI Conference Nordic 2016 Photos

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