Workshop A4-Blockchain Technology (Speakers Complete)

Vanessa Grellet (Moderator)Vanessa Grillet

Chair  - Nexus impact investing group - France - Linkedin




Fraser Brown Fraser Brown- A vision for the application of Blockchain technology for the finance of smallholders and BOP eco-credit.

Founder - Net-Positive Solutions - UK Linkedin 


Brian IselinBrian Iselin

President - - Switzerland - Linkedin




Sofie BlakvstadSofie Blakstad

Founder & CEO - Hiveonline - Denmark Linkedin





Jiro OlcottJiro Olcott

Managing Partner - Guard Global Ltd - France - Linkedin



Workshop D2 - Mobilizing Capital for the South- How can we mobilise capital in the North to deploy in the South? (Speakers Complete)

Stringent financial regulations favours domestic investments in the North, an area that is awash with capital given current interest rate

Robert Rubinstein (Moderator)Robert Rubinstein

Chairman- TBLI Group - USA  Linkedin



Curt LabelleCurt Labelle

President Global Health Investment Fund - USA  Linkedin



Rachel ZedeckRachel Zedeck

Director, Climate Smart Agri and Impact Investment Strategies at Peterson Project and Solutions (Control Union World Group) - Thailand Linkedin 



 Rieki CrinsRieki Crins

Founder & Director - Learning Exchange Foundation - The Netherlands - Linkedin


Pål DalePal Dale

Managing Director - Voxtra East Africa Agribusiness Fund - Norway - Linkedin


Workshop D1 - Financing Climate Change Mitigation: Potential and risks for private investors (Speakers Complete)

Julie Muraco (Moderator)Julie M

Managing Partner - TBLI Group - USA Linkedin



Hanna SkellyHanna Skelly

Director responsible for forestry investments, Finance in Motion - Germany - Linkedin



Jan Willem van GelderJan Willem Van Gelder

Director - Profundo / Chain Reaction Research - The Netherlands Linkedin




Hanif MashalHanif Mashal

Chief Engineer AD 8-180 Offshore Wind Turbine Platform - Adwen Offshore - Germany - Linkedin


Workshop C4 - Interactive discussion on Wealth Management, Families, Transition and Impact Investing (Speakers Complete)


Vanessa Grellet (Moderator)Vanessa Grillet

Chair  - Nexus impact investing group - France - Linkedin




 Danielle Cohen HenriquezDanielle Cohen Henriquez

External Relations Manager - Kois Invest - Belgium - Linkedin 




Luca RancilloLuca Rancillo

Founder - Rancilio Cube - Italy - Linkedin




Tharald Nustad Tharald Nustad

Owner - Nordic Impact AS - Norway - Linkedin




Sophia Horn Af RantzienSophia Horn Af Rantzen

Managing Director - The Real Stevia Company -Sweden - Linkedin



Workshop C3 - Private Equity. Shared value created by shared values (Speakers Complete)

Ola Jönsson (Moderator)Ola Jonsson

Co-Founder & Co-Ceo - Coest - Sweden - Linkedin




Patrice SchneiderPatrice Schneider

Chief Strategy Officer - Media Development Investment Fund - The Netherlands Linkedin

Aligning PE value and values around SDG 16 - Peace and Justice.

Case Study how an impact PE fund can bring investors together  around value, values and... a SDG goal not usually regarded as investable; peace and justice. 



Helena LindemarkHelena Lindemark

Founder, The 2022 Initiative, Sweden Linkedin

Investments solving the Global Goals – Doing well by doing good. 


Vitaly LazorinVitaly Lazorin

CEO & Founder at Future Matters Venture Capital - UK - Linkedin

VC as a catalyst in values sharing and value creation- Startups opening new frontiers in SDG 7- Affordable & Clean Energy and in SDG 4 - Quality Education (two examples from the fund’s portfolio).


Workshop C2 - Alternative Investment Innovation (Speakers Complete)

Kate Maria Vinther (Moderator)Kate Maria Vinther

Founder & CEO - The Learning Prison - Denmark - Linkedin




Jorge NewberyJorge Newbery

Founder & CEO -  American Homeowner Preservation - USA Linkedin

How to stop foreclosures in America's most vulnerable communities 



Bertrand BadréBertrand Badre

CEO - BlueOrange Capital - France - Linkedin




Brindusa BurrowsBrindusa Fidanza

Founder & CEO - The Ground_Up Project - Switzerland Linkedin




Mathieu AzzouzMathieur Azzouz

Head of Impact Investing fund management team, Amundi - France Linkedin


Workshop C1 - Impact Measurement-Can you really measure Impact of Investments? (Speakers Complete)

Giulio Franzinetti (Moderator)Giulo Franzinetti

Headhunter UK  Linkedin




Roland SchatzRoland Schatz

Executive Board - UNGSII - Switzerland Linkedin




Carole LaibleCarole Laible

CEO - Domini Impact Investments -USA Linkedin




Susanna Miekk-ojaSusanna Miekk oja

Partner - Tracefi - Finland Linkedin




Mikae NiskalaMikael Niskala

Partner - Tracefi - Finland Linkedin