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Al Jazeera: Water Scarcity

Robert Rubinstein interview on Al Jazeera:Inside Story about Water Scarcity and how can the financial sector address the challenge.

Klaus-Michael Christensen (Moderator)

President - Swiss Impact Investment Association -Switzerland Linkedin

Andrew Klein

Co-founder, Managing Director  - Ultra Capital -USA Linkedin

Andreas Stubelius - Managing a Cleantech Portfolio

Portfolio Manager - Swedish Energy Agency -Sweden Linkedin

Kai Buntrock

CEO - Stichting Renew - Germany - Linkedin


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Turning Green into Gold

TBLI NORDIC CONFERENCE 2016 will be held in Stockholm at Nasdaq on Sept. 20-21.

We are thrilled that Arvind Narula has agreed to be a keynote speakers. Arvind is an extremely successful entrepreneur who has shown great leadership in developing sustainable agriculture, social enterprise and Impact Investing in Asia.

Here is a recent article about Arvind Narula published in Masala in Thailand.

Turning Green into Gold    


For Arvind Narula, building an organic agricultural empire is just one of a list of amazing lifetime accomplishments. By Bruce Scott Published in Masalathai 
If you peruse the aisles of certain grocery stores here in Bangkok — Tops Supermarket and Villa Market for example — then you’ve probably seen Hilltribe Organics free range eggs for sale. However, what you may not know is that this burgeoning business is just one of the many healthy food retail product lines that have sprung forth from the Bangkok- based company known as Urmatt Ltd. And the man behind this enormously successful enterprise is Arvind Narula, who manages to masterfully balance business savvy with social responsibility.
For Arvind, going green was in no way a case of simply jumping on the organic bandwagon to cash in on a popular trend. His agricultural operations have been organic for a long, long time. His business model is similarly progressive, and puts a decided emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). A large part of this is ensuring that the farmers who work for him are earning a good wage and not exposing themselves to dangerous chemicals. In turn, this business model has proven so successful that Arvind is now spearheading similar agricultural projects in South America, Africa, and even right next door in Laos, at the invitation of the Laotian government. Operating in such a wide-ranging cosmopolitan milieu comes easily to Arvind, who speaks seven languages and conducts business all over world.
He was born in Bangkok, but had moved around extensively by the time he was in his early 20s. “I went to school in Thailand, Singapore, and India,” he recalls, “and then after high school I didn’t think I needed college, so I worked for a year in Japan. Then I came back to Thailand to work for my dad. He had a trading company largely dealing in chemicals, and steel and cement. While on a business trip to Germany a friend of mine took me to see a college in Heidelberg — Schiller International University— at which point it occurred to me that I wasn’t really that smart.”
He enrolled in Schiller soon after and that’s where he met his wife Karen, a German-American. A year later they decided to move together to Paris, where both of them graduated from Schiller International University’s Paris campus with bachelors degrees in business, before moving on to do pursue their Masters in socio-economics at the École pratique des hautes études, also in Paris. During this time period he and Karen embarked on some wonderful, and occasionally frightening, road trip odysseys. “In 1974 we bought a Volkswagen bus and drove from Germany to Agra, in India,” Arvind recounts. “Our route went through Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The next year we did it again, this time in a VW Beetle that we drove to Tehran. There were lots of adventures. On the first trip someone tried to buy Karen from me at the Khyber Pass, and on the second trip we were held up in Turkey by Turkish soldiers— this was right after the Cypriot war. I sat for 15 minutes with an M16 to my head.” 

MISTRA financial systems (MFS): academic evidence for 21st century financial decision making

Cecilia Repinski (Moderator)

Program Manager- Mistra Financial Systems (MFS) -Sweden (Moderator) Linkedin

Prof. Andeas Hoepner 

Associate Professor of Finance- ICMA Centre, & Head of Practical Tools research group, MFS - UK Linkedin 

Åke Iverfeldt - Double Impact - Aligning Academic Research Funding and Sustainable Asset Management

Executive Director - Mistra - Sweden - Linkedin

Johan Florén

Head of ESG - AP Fonden 7 - Sweden - Linkedin


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Networking Lunch

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Networking Coffee

Ola Jönsson (Moderator)

Co-Founder & Co-Ceo - Coest - Sweden - Linkedin

Luca De Lorenzo

Project Manager - Stockholm Environment Institute- Sweden  Linkedin 

Glenn Frommer - Mitigating Climate Change by Investing in Public Transport and Transport Oriented Development

Managing Partner - ESG Matters Ltd- Hong Kong Bio

Jakob Thomae - Measuring the climate financing footprint for fixed income

Program Manager - 2Degrees Investing Initiative- France Linkedin 

Helinä Piik (Moderator)

Founder and Executive Director- Better World Events - Finland Linkedin

Per Haagensen

Executive officer Nordics- ResponsAbility Investments - Norway Linkedin

Aaron Kaplan - Management of native forest - the forgotten fantastic business case.

Co-Founder at Sense Group - Sweden Linkedin

Patrice Schneider - MDIF-SIDA - Innovative Impact Investing using Development Agencies


Chief Strategy Officer - Media Development Investment Fund- Switzerland Linkedin

Andreas Renner (Moderator)

CEO - The Global Exchange for Social Investment (GEXSI) - Germany Linkedin

Adam Hinckley

VP - GCA Investment Management- United States Linkedin

Kenneth Johansson

CEO - KIC InnoEnergy Sweden - Sweden Linkedin

Frederik van Deurs

Managing Partner - Green Tech Challenge - Denmark Linkedin