Jonas Ahlen (Moderator)

Managing Partner - Ahlen & Partners - Sweden Linkedin

George Sallfeldt

CEO - Morningstar Sweden - Sweden Linkedin

Ola Lohman - Do we have the financial system we need to manage what is material to us all?

ESG Expert-  CSR Sweden- Sweden Linkedin

Magnus Emfel - Creating transparency for the alignment of portfolios with science and international agreements.

Senior Advisor -  WWF Sweden- Sweden Linkedin

Sandra Genee

Senior Coordinator Corporate & Stakeholder Relations - Global Reporting Initiative- The Netherlands Linkedin

Hosted by KIC InnoEnergy. the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe. 

The challenge is big but our goal is simple: to achieve a sustainable energy future for Europe. 

At KIC InnoEnergy we support and invest in innovation at every stage of the journey. With our network of partners we build connections across Europe, bringing together inventors and industry, entrepreneurs and markets, graduates and employers, researchers and businesses.

Meet us and some of our leading edge projects and start-ups which will drive the sustainability of Europe’s energy sector 

Noelle-Claire LeCann (Moderator)

President - AlphaSource Advisors LLC- USA Linkedin

Udo Zillmann - Next Generation Renewables: Airborne Wind Energy - Producing Wind Energy with Drones

Managing Partner - Daidalos Capital Wind Drones -Germany Linkedin 

Mo (Mohamed) El-Fatatry

Founder & CEO - Masar  -Egypt Linkedin

Luis Tejado

CEO - Bluedrop - Mexico - Linkedin

Olle Stenberg

CEO - Marin Biogas - Sweden Linkedin 

Patrik Möller

CEO at CorPower Ocean A - CorPower Ocean AB - Sweden Linkedin

Fredrik Lundqvist

Co-founder - C-Green - Sweden Company

Eva Wissenz

Co-founder - Solar Fire Concentration - Finland Company

Irene Winther (Moderator)

Business Development Manager -  Education First- Denmark   Linkedin 

Anna Ryott

CEO -  Swedfund- Sweden   Linkedin 

Tammy Newmark - Portfolio for the Planet: Lessons from 20 years of Investing in a Unique Niche

President -  EcoEnterprises Fund - USA   Linkedin

Annemarie Arens

General Manager -  LuxFLAG - Luxembourg   Linkedin

Patrick Elmer

Head of Business Development -  Blue Orchard - Switzerland - Linkedin


Martin Palmer (Moderator)

Secretary general of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation  Bio

Rosemary De Vos - SDGs - A perspective on future coastal investments.

Director - Coasts for Life Ltd - UK Linkedin

Francois de Borchgrave - How to implement an SGD-related strategy in listed European large caps"

Managing Director- Kois Invest  - Belgium- Linkedin

Ville Brummer - How to invest in peace?

Programme Director - CMI- Finland - Bio


Wednesday, 30 March 2016 00:00

Networking Coffee

Emma Henningsson (Moderator)

Senior Account Manager, Investor team, CDP - Sweden Linkedin

Christopher Flensborg

Head of Sustainable Products and Product Development - SEB -Sweden   Linkedin

Philippe Berthoud - Are institutional investor using renewable energy investment to diversify their portfolios?

Head Strategies & Markets-PROSPEROUS Group AG - Switzerland Linkedin 

Philip Brown

Managing Director Debt Capital Makets - Citigroup -UK Linkedin 

Henry Shilling

Senior Vice President - Moody's Investors Service - USA Linkedin



Ulrika Hasselgren (Moderator)

Managing Director, Head of Sustainable & Responsible Investment - ISS Institutional Shareholder Services - Sweden Linkedin

Fredric Nyström - Why ESG risks are overestimated by the RI world, while opportunities are underestimated

Head Responsible Investment -  Öhman - Sweden   Linkedin

Shinya Tsujimoto - The challenge to ESG integration in Asia

CEO - Nippon Life Global Investors Singapore Limited - Singapore   Bio

Antti Savilaakso- Using ESG as an Alpha Source in a long/short context

Partner -  Auriel Capital - UK   Linkedin  

Sandra Carlisle - Integration in action – in active management.

Head of Responsible Investment -  Newton Investment Management - UK Bio

Tytti Kaasinen (Moderator)

Senior Engagement Manager - GES Investment Services -Sweden Linkedin

Sarah Wilson

Managing Director - Manifest Voting Agency LTD -UK Linkedin

Anne-Sofie Andersson - Engage on chemicals 

Executive Director - ChemSec - Sweden Linkedin

Anne-Catherine Husson-Traore

CEO- Novethic - France Linkedin

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 00:00

Networking Lunch

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 00:00

Second Keynote


Arvind Narula - Successful Impact Investing at scale

CEO & Executive Director - Urmatt Ltd - Thailand Bio

arvind narula