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TBLI Conference Zurich Europe

The Fourth TBLICONFERENCE EUROPE was held in Zurich, June 12th - 13th 2019.

Whether or not you subscribe to the view that today’s youth are an entitled, smashed avocado-eating, device-obsessed group, it won’t be that long before they move from being just consumers to being investors. And this they will do very differently from their parents and grandparents.

It seems these investors of tomorrow will have a more of a social conscience.

Conventional wisdom says that more than $3 trillion will be transferred from Baby Boomers to Millennials or their older siblings, the Generation Ys, in the next 20 years. It will produce a different kind of disruption than the one technology is currently creating. But its impacts will still be significant.

Anja Ludzuweit (Moderator)

Director Business Development - Carbon Delta - Switzerland Linkedin 


Matthias Fawer0

Senior ESG & Analyst - Vontobel Asset Management - Switzerland Linkedin


Rosemary De VosRosemary De Vos

Owner and Director - Field Forest Ocean Ltd - UK Linkedin



 Viola LutzViola Lutz

Head of Investor Relations - ISS - Switzerland Linkedin


Gerhard WagnerWagner Gerhard

Head of Sustainable Investments - Swisscanto - Switzerland - Linkedin

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Moderator Pitches

Workshops & Seminars moderators briefly introduce their sessions and speakers 

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Why TBLI retreat?

TBLI Retreat

Why TBLI retreat?

The TBLI retreat is a place to meet people you would not meet that easily via your own network.

The purpose of the retreat is to bring together thought leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and other players in the field of impact investing.

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TBLI Conference Europe 2019

Join institutional investors, fund distributors and asset owners at the leading conference on global ESG and impact investing. Network, explore investment opportunities and discuss the latest trends. The 34th TBLI CONFERENCE  will be held in Zurich, Switzerland, on June 12-13


What to expect

  • A carefully curated program tailored for both ESG and Impact Investors
  • Discuss opportunities with institutional investors and fund distributors
  • Network with investors and entrepreneurs - see who is already registered to attend
  • Practical Workshops with case studies, market analysis and lessons learned
  • Interactive TBLI Masterclasses on opportunities, innovation and risks
  • High-Level Plenary Sessions with seasoned ESG investors, entrepreneurs, CSR and SRI specialists
  • Entrepreneur Pitching Salon featuring pre-qualified businesses


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Arvind Narula


“We consider our impact on other people and the planet as part of our bottom line.”

- Arvind Narula, CEO Urmatt Group Ltd.   

Advisory & Consulting

TBLI Consulting & Advisory offers

  • Sustainable & Social Capital Strategies – Formation & Funding Strategies
  • Permanent Capital Strategies & Platform Connectivity (public/private markets)
  • Market Intelligence & Forensic Due Diligence
  • OCIO Models (Outsourced Officer/Advisor) Advisory & Engagement
  • Investor Relations – Communications & Reporting; Compliance
  • TBLI Global Expert Network (TEN) of global Sustainability & Impact finance experts dedicated to capital solutions, asset management and direct investments
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TBLI Conference Stockholm Nordic

The Fourth TBLI CONFERENCE NORDIC was held in Stockholm, hosted by Nasdaq.

Monday, 14 January 2019 15:27

Networking Lunch