With the blockchains potential to embed trust into our digital and physical asset transactions - what role could it play in helping us achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals?  

Jonelle Maltay (Moderator)Jonelle Maltay

Internal Account Manager - Triodos - US Linkedin



Christine BamfordChristine Bamford

Co-founder- Women's Coin - UK Linkedin



Sergio FigueredoSergio figueredo

Project Manager Impact Investment - FAST - Colombia

Executive Director - Choco4PEace: Blockchain and Cacao (Building Lives with Dignity) Linkedin




Geoffrey Lipman Geoffrey lipman

Co-founder - The SunX program - Belgium Linkedin



Gabriel ZankoGabriel zanko

Blockchain Investor-Advisor - MobileyourLife - Venezuela Linkedin 



Tomas Vargatomas varga

Head of Strategy - Decent Group - Slovakia Linkedin

Green bonds can mobilize resources from domestic and international captial markets for climate change adaption, renewables and other environment-friendly projects. How effective are green bonds in addressing the issue of climate change and what can be done to make green bonds more mainstream?


Irene Mastelli (Moderator)irene mastelli

Director Advisory - Phenix Capital - Sweden Linkedin



Remy Briand Remy Briand

MSCI - Managing Director - Switzerland Linkedin 



Alessandro Mele

Founder & CEO - Ethicalfin  - Italy Linkedin



David Lunsford

Co-founder - Carbon Delta - Switzerland Linkedin

The emerging uncertainties due to climate change and climate variability are likely to aggravate the problems of future food security by exerting pressure on agriculture. How can farming be adapted to take climate change into consideration.

Daniela Herrmann (Moderator)Daniela Herrmann

Chairman & Founder - Topan AG - Switzerland Linkedin



Balder Vestad balder vestadt

Senior Relationship Manager - ResponsAbility Nordics AS - Norway Linkedin




Stephanie RakelsStephanie Rakels

Aqua-Spark - Development & Investor Relations Director - Netherlands Linkedin




Nick Tapp

Head of Client Services - Craigmore Farming - UK Linkedin


Shareholder engagement has become a very popular strategy among institutional investors that want to integrate ESG into their funds management. What are the reasons for this? 

Henrik af Donner (Moderator)Henrik Af Donner

AXA Nordics - Co-head of sales - Sweden Linkedin




Carlota Garcia-ManasCarlota Garcia Manas

Deputy Head of Engagement - Church of England - UK Linkedin



Fredric Nyströmfredric nystrom

Öhman - Head of Responsible Investment - Sweden Linkedin



Bonnie SaynayBonnie Saynay

Global Head of Responsible Investment - Invesco Ltd. - US Linkedin



Colin SengColin Seng

Head of Research - Nippon Life Asset Management - Singapore Linkedin

Ola Jönsson (Moderator)Ola Jonsson

Coest AB - Partner - Sweden Linkedin




Anne-Louise Thon SchurAnne Louise Thon Schur

Partner - SDG Invest - Denmark Linkedin



Axel Gruber Axel Gruber

COO - Common Fund for Commodities - Netherlands Linkedin




Sachin VankalasSacha VAnkalas

Director, Operations and Sustainability - LuxFLAG a.s.b.l - Luxembourg Linkedin




Justina Alders-Sheyajustina alders

Impact Advisor - Triodos Investment Management - Netherlands Linkedin






Tiffany Harnsongkram (Moderator)Tiffany Hansongkram

Founder - Triangle Tribe - France Linkedin






Luca RancilioLuca Rancillo

Owner - Rancilio Cube - Italy Linkedin



Dan Choon Dan choon

Partner - Cycle Group - Luxembourg Linkedin



Ksenia TarasenkoKsenia tarasenko

Co-founder - See Change - Russia Bio



Dulma ClarkDulma Clark

CEO - Soul of Africa - Russia Linkedin inkedin 


Aline Reichenberg Gustafsson (Moderator)Aline Reichenberg

Editor In Chief - - Sweden Linkedin




Guy CameronGuy Cameron

CIO - Cameron Hume - UK Linkedin





Carl D. Berthold Carl Berthold

Partner - JAR Capital - UK Linkedin




Stefan Ericson

Head of Fixed Income - Pareto Asset Management - Sweden Linkedin

Ann-Katrin Dolium (Moderator)Ann Katrin Dolium

Unionen - CSR Policy Manager - Sweden Linkedin



Antje BiberAntje biber

Managing Partner - FERI Trust GmbH - Germany Linkedin



Stephen FernStephen Fern

Founder & CEO - G9 Private Family Office - UK Linkedin



Federico Raimondi SlepoiFederico Raimondi Slepoi

Founder & CEO - Behavioral Economics Advisory - Italy Linkedin




Morgan Zerne Morgen Zerne

CEO  Responsible Investors Alliance Sweden Linkedin

Wednesday, 21 February 2018 10:43

Networking Coffee

When investing, sometimes the best way to make money is to invest passively. Warren Buffet has demonstrated this when he made a $1 million bet to show that he could beat hedge funders by investing in low-cost index funds, which he won by 500 basis points. Is Warren Buffet right when claiming it is more profitable to invest in Index Funds in stead of a portfolio of hedge funds?

Rosemary De Vos (Moderator)

 Owner and Director - Coasts for Life - UK Linkedin



 Nico LangedijkNico Langedijk 02

Regional director Scandinavia, Netherlands, Belgium  - Stoxx - Netherlands Linkedin 




Aniket ShahAniket Shah

Head of Sustainable Investing - Opperheimer Funds - USA Linkedin



Jaakko KooroshyJaakko Kooroshy

Head of Innovation & Standards, Sustainable Investments - FTSE Russell - UK Linkedin


Claire Smithclaire smith

Founding Director - Beyond Impact Advisors - Switzerland Linkedin