Wednesday, 30 November 2016 14:05

Networking Lunch

Hanna RobertsHanna Roberts

CEO- GES International - Sweden - Linkedin 




Dennis van der PuttenDennis Van Der Putten

Head of ESG Research - Actiam - The Netherlands - Linkedin




Colin Seng Colin Seng

Head of ESG and Research - Nippon Life Global Investors - Singapore - Linkedin



Lauri RosendahlLauri Rosendahl

President -Nasdaq Nordic - Sweden- Linkedin





Rasmus N.D. SkovRasmus Skov

Head of Group Sustainability - DONG Energy - Denmark Linkedin

Stringent financial regulations favours domestic investments in the North, an area that is awash with capital given current interest rate

Robert Rubinstein (Moderator)Robert Rubinstein

Chairman- TBLI Group - USA  Linkedin



Curt LabelleCurt Labelle

President Global Health Investment Fund - USA  Linkedin



Rachel ZedeckRachel Zedeck

Director, Climate Smart Agri and Impact Investment Strategies at Peterson Project and Solutions (Control Union World Group) - Thailand Linkedin 



 Rieki CrinsRieki Crins

Founder & Director - Learning Exchange Foundation - The Netherlands - Linkedin


Pål DalePal Dale

Managing Director - Voxtra East Africa Agribusiness Fund - Norway - Linkedin

Julie Muraco (Moderator)Julie M

Managing Partner - TBLI Group - USA Linkedin



Hanna SkellyHanna Skelly

Director responsible for forestry investments, Finance in Motion - Germany - Linkedin



Jan Willem van GelderJan Willem Van Gelder

Director - Profundo / Chain Reaction Research - The Netherlands Linkedin




Hanif MashalHanif Mashal

Chief Engineer AD 8-180 Offshore Wind Turbine Platform - Adwen Offshore - Germany - Linkedin

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 13:54

Networking Coffee


Vanessa Grellet (Moderator)Vanessa Grillet

Chair  - Nexus impact investing group - France - Linkedin




 Danielle Cohen HenriquezDanielle Cohen Henriquez

External Relations Manager - Kois Invest - Belgium - Linkedin 




Luca RancilloLuca Rancillo

Founder - Rancilio Cube - Italy - Linkedin




Tharald Nustad Tharald Nustad

Owner - Nordic Impact AS - Norway - Linkedin




Sophia Horn Af RantzienSophia Horn Af Rantzen

Managing Director - The Real Stevia Company -Sweden - Linkedin


Ola Jönsson (Moderator)Ola Jonsson

Co-Founder & Co-Ceo - Coest - Sweden - Linkedin




Patrice SchneiderPatrice Schneider

Chief Strategy Officer - Media Development Investment Fund - The Netherlands Linkedin

Aligning PE value and values around SDG 16 - Peace and Justice.

Case Study how an impact PE fund can bring investors together  around value, values and... a SDG goal not usually regarded as investable; peace and justice. 



Helena LindemarkHelena Lindemark

Founder, The 2022 Initiative, Sweden Linkedin

Investments solving the Global Goals – Doing well by doing good. 


Vitaly LazorinVitaly Lazorin

CEO & Founder at Future Matters Venture Capital - UK - Linkedin

VC as a catalyst in values sharing and value creation- Startups opening new frontiers in SDG 7- Affordable & Clean Energy and in SDG 4 - Quality Education (two examples from the fund’s portfolio).

Kate Maria Vinther (Moderator)Kate Maria Vinther

Founder & CEO - The Learning Prison - Denmark - Linkedin




Jorge NewberyJorge Newbery

Founder & CEO -  American Homeowner Preservation - USA Linkedin

How to stop foreclosures in America's most vulnerable communities 



Bertrand BadréBertrand Badre

CEO - BlueOrange Capital - France - Linkedin




Brindusa BurrowsBrindusa Fidanza

Founder & CEO - The Ground_Up Project - Switzerland Linkedin




Mathieu AzzouzMathieur Azzouz

Head of Impact Investing fund management team, Amundi - France Linkedin

Giulio Franzinetti (Moderator)Giulo Franzinetti

Headhunter UK  Linkedin




Roland SchatzRoland Schatz

Executive Board - UNGSII - Switzerland Linkedin




Carole LaibleCarole Laible

CEO - Domini Impact Investments -USA Linkedin




Susanna Miekk-ojaSusanna Miekk oja

Partner - Tracefi - Finland Linkedin




Mikae NiskalaMikael Niskala

Partner - Tracefi - Finland Linkedin

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 11:57