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Services & Fees

Register until 31 May and save 2,000 SEK

We offer one rate for all attendees.
7,950 SEK*   General Conference Registration
5,950 SEK*   Early Bird Registration until 31 May  
* All rates exclude 25% VAT

One-on-One Meeting Packages

We offer services to connect you for potential investment / business opportunities through one-on-one meetings. 

Fees for Meeting Packages

4,950 SEK*    Package 3 meetings 
8,000 SEK*    Package 5 meetings 
12,500 SEK*  Package 8 meetings 
* All rates exclude 25% VAT


  • We will pre-qualify contacts to assure maximum alignment of interests.
  • One-on-one private meetings with potential investors or business partners.
  • Minimum 3 and maximum 10 meetings will be arranged.
  • Online meeting registration and calendar to keep track.
  • Private table at a designated meeting room at the venue for 30 minutes per meeting.
  • We offer a package of minimum 3 meetings at SEK 4,950. Additional meetings can be booked at approximately SEK 1800 each. If you are interested in booking, please indicate your preference below.

Payment for meetings will follow upon appointment confirmation from TBLI. For more information or questions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions


  • All conference registrations and passes are personal and cannot be shared
  • TBLI does not cover any travel costs and other expenses incurred
  • TBLI complies with strict Dutch privacy law regulations and will never disclose contact information to third parties for commercial purposes
Speakers / Moderators
  • Speaker registrations are considered final after payment has been received
  • Speakers may become part of a Sponsorship package at any time and paid Speaker fees will be refunded
  • Speakers and/or Moderators are required to cancel their registration via email to TBLI Conference BV
  • All presentations become part of the TBLI CONFERENCE™ website presentation database immediately after the conference.
Cancellation & Refunds
  • All cancellations received prior to one (1) week before the conference starting date will be refunded
  • All cancellations received less than one (1) week before conference starting date, as well as failure to attend, will be liable for 100% of the paid fee
Force Majeure
If for any reason beyond our reasonable control (including but not limited to strikes; labor disputes; acts, regulations or orders of governmental authorities; civil disorder; disasters; acts of terrorism; acts of war; acts of God; fires; floors or other emergency conditions) it is impossible or illegal for us to organise the conference, such non-performance is excused and we may cancel the conference without further liability of any nature.
Wednesday, 30 November 2016 14:05

Networking Lunch

Hanna RobertsHanna Roberts

CEO- GES International - Sweden - Linkedin 




Dennis van der PuttenDennis Van Der Putten

Head of ESG Research - Actiam - The Netherlands - Linkedin




Colin Seng Colin Seng

Head of ESG and Research - Nippon Life Global Investors - Singapore - Linkedin



Lauri RosendahlLauri Rosendahl

President -Nasdaq Nordic - Sweden- Linkedin





Rasmus N.D. SkovRasmus Skov

Head of Group Sustainability - DONG Energy - Denmark Linkedin

Stringent financial regulations favours domestic investments in the North, an area that is awash with capital given current interest rate

Robert Rubinstein (Moderator)Robert Rubinstein

Chairman- TBLI Group - USA  Linkedin



Curt LabelleCurt Labelle

President Global Health Investment Fund - USA  Linkedin



Rachel ZedeckRachel Zedeck

Director, Climate Smart Agri and Impact Investment Strategies at Peterson Project and Solutions (Control Union World Group) - Thailand Linkedin 



 Rieki CrinsRieki Crins

Founder & Director - Learning Exchange Foundation - The Netherlands - Linkedin


Pål DalePal Dale

Managing Director - Voxtra East Africa Agribusiness Fund - Norway - Linkedin

Julie Muraco (Moderator)Julie M

Managing Partner - TBLI Group - USA Linkedin



Hanna SkellyHanna Skelly

Director responsible for forestry investments, Finance in Motion - Germany - Linkedin



Jan Willem van GelderJan Willem Van Gelder

Director - Profundo / Chain Reaction Research - The Netherlands Linkedin




Hanif MashalHanif Mashal

Chief Engineer AD 8-180 Offshore Wind Turbine Platform - Adwen Offshore - Germany - Linkedin

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 13:54

Networking Coffee


Vanessa Grellet (Moderator)Vanessa Grillet

Chair  - Nexus impact investing group - France - Linkedin




 Danielle Cohen HenriquezDanielle Cohen Henriquez

External Relations Manager - Kois Invest - Belgium - Linkedin 




Luca RancilloLuca Rancillo

Founder - Rancilio Cube - Italy - Linkedin




Tharald Nustad Tharald Nustad

Owner - Nordic Impact AS - Norway - Linkedin




Sophia Horn Af RantzienSophia Horn Af Rantzen

Managing Director - The Real Stevia Company -Sweden - Linkedin


Ola Jönsson (Moderator)Ola Jonsson

Co-Founder & Co-Ceo - Coest - Sweden - Linkedin




Patrice SchneiderPatrice Schneider

Chief Strategy Officer - Media Development Investment Fund - The Netherlands Linkedin

Aligning PE value and values around SDG 16 - Peace and Justice.

Case Study how an impact PE fund can bring investors together  around value, values and... a SDG goal not usually regarded as investable; peace and justice. 



Helena LindemarkHelena Lindemark

Founder, The 2022 Initiative, Sweden Linkedin

Investments solving the Global Goals – Doing well by doing good. 


Vitaly LazorinVitaly Lazorin

CEO & Founder at Future Matters Venture Capital - UK - Linkedin

VC as a catalyst in values sharing and value creation- Startups opening new frontiers in SDG 7- Affordable & Clean Energy and in SDG 4 - Quality Education (two examples from the fund’s portfolio).