Workshop D2 - Index Investment - Was Warren Buffet Right?  

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018


When investing, sometimes the best way to make money is to invest passively. Warren Buffet has demonstrated this when he made a $1 million bet to show that he could beat hedge funders by investing in low-cost index funds, which he won by 500 basis points. Is Warren Buffet right when claiming it is more profitable to invest in Index Funds in stead of a portfolio of hedge funds?

Rosemary De Vos (Moderator)

 Owner and Director - Coasts for Life - UK Linkedin



 Nico LangedijkNico Langedijk 02

Regional director Scandinavia, Netherlands, Belgium  - Stoxx - Netherlands Linkedin 




Aniket ShahAniket Shah

Head of Sustainable Investing - Opperheimer Funds - USA Linkedin



Jaakko KooroshyJaakko Kooroshy

Head of Innovation & Standards, Sustainable Investments - FTSE Russell - UK Linkedin


Claire Smithclaire smith

Founding Director - Beyond Impact Advisors - Switzerland Linkedin

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