Why TBLI retreat?

The TBLI retreat is a place to meet people you would not meet that easily via your own network.

The purpose of the retreat is to bring together thought leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and other players in the field of impact investing.

TBLI creates a safe space where you can exchange idea’s, thoughts and share your fears. The is Retreat provides real quality time meet people; there are guided discussions, while lounging at an open fireplace, having breakfast or during picknic and walk in the stunning nature of Scotland or Italy.

Because of Robert Rubinstein extensive network, his knowledge of people and trust, wonderful group of people will be brought together for a quality time weekend in which collaboration and result is a fact.

“ Normally when I go to a conference, I end up with a pocket full of cards. Most of the cards I have to follow up but many times I forgot about the person. But during this retreat I really got to know the people and we became friends and we could knew how we could help each other”

“ In my work I am so isolated, at conference there are often too many people and I do know who would I could meet that would be of interest to me, during this stay it was wonderful to have the time to really connect to other people of great interest”